CHMS Sunstorm

This custom is a commission Sunstorm from a great client in Spain. The client wished Sunstorm be painted simplisitcally and with no Decepticon Symbols on his wings.

CHMS is a toy company that specializes reproduction / KO of Transformer toys and accessories. They are best known for Knocking off Henkei Transformers toys from Takara such as Classic Starscream.

For this custom I was able to get a spare main body of Classics Starscream. So, I painted two different bodies for this commission. One body is a brighter orange than the other. I personally like the dark one.

Having the Original Classics mold to compare, I learned that the CHMS version is not an exact replica. The classics body has much better tolerances and was made quality materials. There are also some of minor mold detailings that became apparrent as well. An interesting one is the head sculpt on the CHMS version has no molding for the eyes while the classics mold does.

Anyways, in the end I'm very proud of this figure. I really enjoy the way it came out and I hope other who see it can see why too. =)