FrenzyRumble Inspiration

This custom I worked on in between working on Sunstorm and Impactor. Icestorm is based off fellow customizer & friend FrenzyRumble’s Masterpiece Icestorm. Using the inspiration I create this Icestorm to match my previous Sunstorm’s detailing and style.

Icestorm is made of parts from Henkei Starscream and Skywarp. Some minor modifications were done to the rear tail fins to make them more blade like. The Null Rays on this custom are 3rd Party Null Rays specifically DR. Wu - DW-P12 Vanguard - Blaster Set of 2 - Black Color.

The set also comes in Blue for Thundercracker and Grey for Starscream.

Overall I really enjoyed working on this figure, and I hope whomever picks up really enjoys it as well!