Warpath is a loud, boisterous type known for phrases such as KABOOM, KAZOWY, BLAM AND etc.. I remember him in the TV show as the most annoying character next to Blurr. So why did I make custom of him? Simply because the Generations mold of him is too good to pass up to not make him!

Inspiration and Methods:

For inspiration I used the representation of Warpath from the Transformers Legends Mobile Game.

No link here, because I'm not a fan of the game!

Why? because it is one of those games designed to suck the life and money out of you... if you are easily hooked on games, and collecting virtual items I don't recommend to play for your peresonal well being.

While I still technically "play", I make sure not to spend any money on it.

Personally, I only log in to view the Artwork which is amazing as referenced to the left. As far as actually playing, since I'm automation engineer I have written a very short program to play the game for me.

Anyways, back to our custom here.

In addition to the representation of Warpath, I added some more colors and custom ques I felt would break up the monotany of red. Some being G1 inspired red, yellow and blue on the waist, and some yellow and metalics on the armor.

The cannon also needed some heavy sanding to allow clearance to for it go move back and forth into his body for transformation without stripping all the paint