I did this project for myself around May 2014 along with my G1 MP Lockdown. I would have posted this guy earlier as well but I moving around that time.

Anyways, this project was inspired by Guido Guidi's artwork referenced. I added my own spin on things by making Barricade's hands and upper arms a more subtle metalic purple, adding Mustang style rear lights and translating the light pink parts in the reference photo to silver.

One thing that was upsetting with this piece were the rear side windows. For some reason there was a bad reaction with the paint I used there and windows crackled... =/ Outside of that, I'm very happy with the piece. It has been sitting proudly in my personal collection for several months now.

With that said, I may have to put this guy for auction in the future to gather funds for future projects. Christmas is also around the corner, so I guess we shall see...