This is my interpretation of WFC / FOC Soundwave

I started this custom before I left in Afghanistan and got about 35% complete, then a year later after my deployment, I finished him. The aim was to take inspiration from the original WFC Soundwave designs and tweak it a little it bit so he's a little more subtle. i.e. None of those glowing purple lights all over his body to say "HEY I'M OVER HERE!! SHOOT THE PURPLE STUFF!" you know? On top of that I added some inspired color schemes from the G1 Soundwave. For weathering effects, I imagined Soundwave as if he travelled through a battlefield immersed in the fog of war andsaturated with smoking corpses of Decepticon and Autobots alike.

Below is the general inspirational formula.


In the Photo Gallery, I added some comparison pics of the original toy for better judgement. Thanks for looking!